The Front Door Package

The Front Door Package


  • Entire new home from
    top to bottom     
  • All the air ducts and furnace
  • Wash all windows and any additional glass inside and out
  • Shampoo existing carpets


  • Place the contents of the moving boxes appropriately
  • Position all furniture
  • Arrange the contents of the kitchen, bathrooms, linen closets, garage and utility room
  • Arrange the contents of the bedrooms and closets
  • Make all the beds
  • Supply the refrigerator with basic fresh groceries
  • Supply the pantry with canned goods, boxed food items and basic supplies


  • Meet the moving van and direct unloading
  • Unpack all the moving boxes and haul the empties away
  • Delivery of any newly-purchased furniture and/or appliances
  • Oversee drapery installers, or, hang temporary window treatments if needed


We’ll provide a specially created directory which includes a list of local emergency numbers, a list of school districts with contact information, nearest pharmacy, grocery, gas station, the current list of Grand Rapids’ top-ranked physicians, and other important information


    • Minor fixes, repairs and maintenance issues
    • Connection residential services including landline telephone, washer and dryer, cable or satellite, utilities (gas, water, electricity and internet)
    • Trash collection, and recycling services where offered
    • Arrange for professional pet care until you’re settled
    • Mow the lawn or shovel the snow if needed


    As every situation is unique, please contact us to discuss your upcoming relocation.